History of Tom Yum Kung restaurant

Restaurant Entrance

In 2005 Tom Yum Kung restaurant has been opened on it's current location #10 street 278 (BKK1) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Our street is located near the Independence Monument and Wat Lanka but is relatively quiet. Besides appartments the street consists of various hotels, shops and guesthouses.

Tom Yum Kung is a family run Thai restaurant with a unique atmosphere. The roof has been build to traditional Thai standards by the owner himself.

During the summer months it can become very warm in Cambodia. This is why we build a separate section upstairs that includes airconditioning besides fans to keep you cool. Due to this expansion we now have a capacity of 110 seats.

Our name

Tom Yum Kung Signature Dish

The restaurant name is derived from a famous Thai soup called "Tom Yum Kung", a spicy and sour prawn soup.

A survey, carried out by the Office of the National Culture Commission of Thailand, in 1999 listed Tom Yum Kung as the most favorite and well known Thai dish amongst foreigners.

Since it is our signature dish of course it is on the menu, don't miss it!

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